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Use Case 1 · Reliable IoT devices with multi-layered security for a smart city (Santander)


IoT devices in Santander are exposed to an increasing number of attacks. Protection is needed against anonymous entities joining IoT networks, whilst still maintaining security and confidentiality for other users.

M-Sec’s proposed solutions for Santander’s IoT facility must be responsive to hostile and trustless environments, as well as support hidden service user authentication, an inner public key infrastructure, and robust authentication schemes.

M-Sec Solutions

M-Sec’s proposed security solutions are multi-layered in order to respond to the diverse security issues:
1) Hide and anonymize servers that support urban services and interact through Santander’s IoT infrastructure, in order to avoid attacks.
2) Make sure to use secure, authentication-mandatory, OTAP techniques when reprogramming nodes with new requirements.
3) Protect communications between smart meters (water) and servers, with the possibility of carrying out further research on identity evaluation and new device enrollment.

All solutions must be compliant with European and international GDPR regulation.

Existing infrastructure

The city’s unique ‘SmartSantander’ IoT facility allows real-world IoT deployments across the city of Santander and the surrounding areas. In this way, a number of key urban services, such as public transport, logistical facilities, public places and buildings, work and residential areas, are affected by the facility, having a practical effect on a large proportion of the population. This IoT facility provides the scale, diversity and scope required to evaluate the success of M-Sec’s proposed solutions.

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