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Use Case 5 · Smart City Data Marketplace with Secure Multi-Layer Technologies

Fujisawa & Santander

This UC5 is to build an M-Sec marketplace where data collected during field trials in each use case can be traded in both Japan and Europe while ensuring security on all layers through blockchain and other mechanisms.

Problem Overview:

This UC will handle all sorts of data including personal data which needs to be prevented from falsification and be traded in a secure environment and need to avoid attacks to the blockchain and the actual marketplace.


  • Citizens: sharing photos/reactions (smiles) on them, plus using the points/coupons system
  • Universities and Research institutions: not confirmed yet
  • Cities: in case the municipality or a great organisation is responsible for the management of a festival/event like the Choinomi one
  • Companies: businesses in areas where special events take place, which will accept the coupons from citizens and may organize competitions/games/promotional events for their businesses through Smile City Report

GDPR compliance:

This UC is planning not to handle any personal data.

Latest developments:

The integration between Marktplace and SmileCityReport are in process and planned to finish by September 2020.

M-Sec Benefit:

The marketplace needs to be operated in a secure environment using M-Sec which will consider the security requirements of GDPR and APPI. Indicatively, M-Sec has conducted a lot of research on coupling encrypted databases with blockchain technologies, thus making the synergy of off-chain and on-chain storage and processing of data possible, a characteristic which enhances security considerably, while still ensuring data reliability and users’ privacy. Also, the integration of a Trust and Reputation system within the blockchain implementation is considered.

How can I join?

Contact Keiko Doguchi: a-k_douguchi@east.ntt.co.jp



Download the Use Case 5 Product Sheet

Date 21/09/2018
Category use-cases

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