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Use Case 3 · Secure and Trustworthy Mobile Sensing Platform


This use case, carried out in Fujisawa city in Japan, intends to face the main challenge of the environment data shared among stakeholders with trust. This pilot study probes the power of multi-layered security mechanisms in the M-Sec platform, leveraging the mobile sensing platform that has been operated in Fujisawa city in Japan for three years. The IoT devices (sensors), the cloud system (servers of a sensor data exchange platform), and applications consuming sensor data streams included in the mobile sensing platform are extended with multiple security mechanisms. The IoT devices are secured by hardening and intrusion detection system. The former is achieved by existing best practices, such as closing unnecessary network ports. The latter is brought by the M-Sec project as one of the technical components developed as part of WP3. The traffic between the IoT devices and the cloud system is protected by the use of Transport Layer Security (TLS), which is a point-to-point encryption mechanism. In the cloud system, a sophisticated authentication mechanism is provided by the project in order to protect the data stream. In addition, end-to-end sensor data stream delivery is secured by a light-weight encryption mechanism and will be made configurable and manageable by a security management tool. These components will also be developed as part of WP3.

Problem Overview:

To share data between cities on the smart city platform, privacy protection and security assurance mechanisms are indispensable, but existing platforms still have problems in privacy protection and security assurance.


  • Garbage collection workers: They can cooperate city environment monitoring while collecting garbage from the city
  • Municipal Officers: They, responsible for environment monitoring, can acquire trustworthy city data representing air pollution, road roughness, and garbage collection statistics.

GDPR compliance:

This Use Case doesn’t store any personal data. Possible personal information captured at the edge side is human faces and cars with a number place, but they are removed by Ganonymizer component.

Latest developments:

The final integration with M-Sec platform is ongoing. In concrete, we have been considering the integration between the secure mobile sensing platform and the blockchain component.

M-Sec Benefit:

This use case highlights on Privacy and Security by-design concept and its applicability in hyper-connected smart cities.

Privacy protection and compliance with GDPR/PIPA is achieved by the state-of-the-art components that automatically delete privacy information from image data, such as camera images that are often found as an integral part in the smart city platforms.

Multi-layers of security has been built-in to ensure Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of data for all the stakeholders in a smart city. The end-to-end security from IoT to cloud to end-user utilizes advance security concepts, techniques, and best practices for protecting data via advanced authentication mechanisms, encryption, monitoring, and security management tools.

How can I join?

Contact Jin Nakazawa: jin@ht.sfc.keio.ac.jp



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Date 21/09/2018
Category use-cases

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