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Use Case 3 · Secure and Trustworthy Environment Monitoring with Automotive, Participatory and Virtual Sensing Techniques (Fujisawa)


  • Collecting environmental data can help citizens optimize their environment, avoid traffic, adjust the air quality, and even stay safe when a natural disaster hits. However, the sensors, IoT devices and cloud systems involved in collecting this data can be sensitive to attack. Also, data sources need to be traceable in order to validate authenticity.

M-Sec solutions:

  • Data streams will be collected from all over Fujisawa city by real-time sensors on rubbish collection trucks and by thousands of City Offers acting as “human sensors”.
  • Data will be provided to (1) the city government in an encrypted form and (2) a number of applications via the marketplace.
  • An anonymization technique will be considered in order to follow personal information protection law.
  • As the cellular network will likely become faster in a few years due to the introduction of 5G, the effectiveness of this M-Sec solution will be studied in a wide-band network environment.

To ensure that data is collected and disseminated in a secure and trustworthy way:

  • Environmental data (namely sensor and camera image data) will be encrypted based on the destination.
  • IoT devices and cloud systems will be monitored to protect them from malicious attackers.
  • If data is provided in an open fashion, data will be disseminated through the data marketplace leveraging the blockchain mechanism.

Existing infrastructure:

The mobile sensing infrastructure, which was deployed for past/current EU-JP projects (ClouT and BigClouT), will be used for this M-Sec solution. This includes a hundred garbage collection trucks with a number of air quality sensors and cameras transmitting sensor data a hundred times a second (100Hz). City officers also act as “human sensors”, reporting information via the Fujisawa MinaRep app, which allows images to be taken via the smartphone camera and attached to the report.

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