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Use Case 4 · Secure and Trustworthy Hyper-connected Citizens Care (Fujisawa)


Sophisticated apps are useful for a range of different purposes and are interesting for diverse urban stakeholders. From predicting citizen flow and reducing congestion at events, to reporting on graffiti and urban cleaning, hyper-connected apps can improve efficiency for local authorities and improve the wellbeing of citizens. Success depends on enough data being collected so that governments can provide a stable service, as well as ensuring the security and authenticity of data, and protecting personal information.

M-Sec Solutions

  • Data will be collected from all over Fujisawa city by real-time data sources, as well as  from City Officers who act as “human sensors”, reporting data and images via their smartphone.
  • The data will be provided to (1) city government in an encrypted form and (2) a number of applications via the marketplace.
  • An anonymization technique will be considered in order to follow personal information protection law.

Existing infrastructure:

The mobile sensing infrastructure, which was deployed for past/current EU-JP projects (ClouT and BigClouT), will be used for this M-Sec solution. City officers will act as “human sensors”, reporting information via the Fujisawa MinaRep app, which allows images to be taken via the smartphone camera and attached to the report.

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