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Use Case 5 · A marketplace of IoT services for effective decision making (Joint EU/JP cross-border use case)


Playable technologies are a human response to the coldness and anonymity of the urban environment. They allow citizens to connect and play not just within their cities in Fujisawa and Santander, but also start cross-border interactions between people and stakeholders in Europe and Japan.

M-Sec solutions:

  • A marketplace of IoT devices and services will be created to make the urban environments more playable.
  • In this scenario companies or developers will bring in a set of devices, such as a novel walking traffic counter, playful air quality sensor, smart parking animation, etc.
  • These devices will be connected to the city’s IoT device network and its subsequent services.
  • Memory will be given to IoT devices like city lights, which can record and play back the shadows of those who passed underneath. In this case, the street lights will be able to echo these shadows back to the next passer by, leaving a glimpse of those who walked the same path moments before. If passers-by step out of the light to watch, the streetlight will recognise their interest and recall a procession of shadows from many earlier visitors.  
  • M-Sec project will be able to further enhance interactions between users, their devices and devices like streetlights, by providing citizens the tools to manipulate, edit or mix shadows to create unique shadow patterns and dreamy scenarios.
  • From a technical point of view, pilot tests will need to be registered, network resources will need to be allocated away (sliced/virtualized) from the operational network, and back-end devices connected, in order to aid the developer.


Cross collaborations will be created between citizens, project partners and stakeholders in both Japan and Europe.

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