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Use Case 5 · A marketplace of IoT services for effective decision making (Joint EU/JP cross-border use case)

A cross-border data trade between the EU and Japan will be tested in response to rising rates of global travel and the subsequent growth of worldwide business opportunities. Data collection is abundant around the world, spanning human, environmental, industrial data and more, yet a significant amount of it is buried or unused in society due to lack of trust or identified methods of effective utilisation. International data distribution also demands a rich knowledge of the correct legal and technical uses of it.

This use case will therefore build on the big opportunity to develop a secure data marketplace for citizens, businesses and local governments. There are many potential uses of such a marketplace. Behavioural data by nationality can drive targeted marketing – eg walking speed, route selection, shopping habits can all be collected via devices or apps and used for congestion mitigation at large-scale events and security planning. It can also be sold to companies planning to expand into overseas markets in need of data on their target demographic for strategising.


  • Citizens and visitors providing activity data or purchasing data from the marketplace
  • Municipalities providing the behavioural data of consenting citizens, and using this to attract companies and entrepreneurs to their city
  • Event organisers looking for accurate activity data for venue arrangements, visitor promotion etc
  • Companies can use the data to understand the behaviour of their target users

Latest developments:

It is paramount that data distribution between countries is secure and tamperproof for the marketplace to effectively contribute to smarter cities. One identified risk is the possibility that GDPR/PIPA will lead to the lack of approval from governments, and it is also a challenge to gain user interaction and permission to share their data. The advantages of cross-border data exchange must therefore be a key focus for the use case in order to obtain user interactions and the engagement of companies. Promotional candidates will therefore be used as ambassadors for the project. The safe transfer of data is also being further explored through Blockchain techniques, and we will stufy whether the data created with anonymisation and encryption methods is sufficient to comply with GDPR & PIPA. The potential to replicate this marketplace in cities around the world as a means to attract companies to them has been identified, but must also ensure that it is compliant with local laws around data handling. Such discussions have begun between with city partners, and plans are in place to install the marketplace first in Fujisawa and later in Santander, as a means to test if it will be applicable at the wider level.

How can I join?

Contact Keiko Doguchi: a-k_douguchi@east.ntt.co.jp

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