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Use Case 2 · Home monitoring & Wellbeing Tele-assistance for active and independent ageing people (Santander)


Making sure that increasingly ageing populations play an active and independent role in society is a challenge shared by many modern cities. Barriers to elderly people include the risk of having a fall, being unwell, needing regular medical checks or being isolated. Although these are concerns that can effectively be addressed by digitally monitoring the activity of an elderly person, the current market offers an endless array of standalone services that only cover part of an individual’s needs. This often results in using multiple solutions and spreading sensitive data across several devices, accounts, and cloud services, presenting a data protection risk.

M-Sec solutions

  • M-Sec will integrate cloud and edge services, mobile devices (tablets, phones), generic tracking devices (bands or Fitbit watches, Nokia Health, etc.), as well as specific devices (fall detector, blood pressure monitor, glucometer, etc.).
  • This solution will be implemented on top of the M-Sec platform, ensuring security and privacy of all data and offering peace of mind.
  • Both health and social aspects will be addressed:

Health: Empower ageing citizens to self-manage and share their health status for follow-up and advice, alerting him/her to actions (e.g. taking medication, medical consultations, diet, etc.).

Social: Allow ageing citizens to quickly and directly contact city social services, friends, family, neighbours or caregivers at any time by creating a trusted support network. Provide elderly people with information about the volunteer, care and urban activities organized in the city and a space to share their interests with other citizens.

A basic solution has already been piloted via SOCIALCARE (AAL programme).

Who’s involved?

  • M-Sec’s solution will be piloted in coordination with municipal services, such as the Municipal Social Care Service department, as well as the neighbourhood and citizen participation service, and the environment and sustainability mobility service.
  • For example, several escalators and lifts have already been installed in strategic streets, to make it easier for elderly people to get around and travel into the city.

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