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Pilot 5.1 A marketplace of IoT services for effective decision making

Privacy-secure Garbage Counting
A marketplace of IoT services for effective decision making

Pilot 5.1 creates a marketplace to exchange, buy and sell smart city data securely, developed with ICCS’s blockchain technology and the M-Sec platform between Fujisawa and Santander. Data collected through various methods (e.g. human data, environmental data, and industrial data) that might currently be “buried”, or go unused by society despite its potential to be valuable and sellable to organisations or people, will be harboured in a marketplace ensuring confidentiality, integrity, availability, and privacy of data following GDPR/PIPA regulations. It will also use gamification functionalities and rewarding mechanisms to drive engagement.

The marketplace will be connected to various sensors so that live data streams and past data sets can be traded with virtual currencies. This Open Data Platform has an important economic potential, and also gives advantage to transparency, participation and citizen collaboration, goals which are necessary in order to form an authentically open government.

Latest developments:

In the first trial, we will deploy field research in Fujisawa and Santander separately, and the second trial will be deployed together. We will use the Mina-Repo application and SmileWave2 application to collect the information that people are interested in buying. These applications developed by Keio were only available for iOS but Keio is now upgrading also for Android users. The information/data will be uploaded into the marketplace to see if people buy it and test how it works. We are now in talks with stakeholders to set up a joint event for this field trial to increase citizen participation.

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