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Pilot 4.2 Secure Affective Participatory Sensing of City Events

Privacy-secure Garbage Counting
Secure Affective Participatory Sensing of City Events

We are developing a social network service called “SmileWave2” in which users can share photos of a notable event in the city, e.g., a beautiful flower in a neighbourhood, along with his/her facial expression securely in privacy-protected user groups. Using human-as-a-sensor (HaaS) style mobile participatory sensing in cities, citizens can share this information among their community so that those who are taking care of the local area, such as local city officers, can use this data to discuss possible actions towards better city conditions.

Latest developments:

In addition, to the public city-area sensor network, the photo of the target event along with an affective state data of the reporter (which hides his/her actual privacy (e.g. their face) will be shared. SmileWave2 has been fully re-implemented using Google Flutter framework and early testing has begun among lab members. This new implementation should be working both on iOS and Android platforms.

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