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Pilot 4.1 Privacy-secure Garbage Counting

Privacy-secure Garbage Counting

Pilot 4.1 tests the power of edge-side security mechanisms for privacy protection by integrating a mobile sensing platform on a rubbish collection vehicle (in operation for the last three years in Fujisawa city) and additional edge-side computing infrastructure. We will develop a privacy-protected system that counts the amount of rubbish being generated per-household via cameras onboard the trucks.

We will then consolidate these amounts at city level and visualise the result at a higher level, to drive broader awareness amongst the community about the amount of rubbish being generated, and to help gain eventual better well-being in their daily lives.

Latest developments:

We are now building a NVidia platform-based edge computation component (which includes a software platform to estimate rubbish amounts from a captured video image, using ML model) and deploying into the actual rubbish truck (around July to Sept).

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