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Pilot 2.2 Social & Physical Wellbeing

Social & Physical Wellbeing

In this pilot, elderly citizens and the caregiving network will be provided with a web app featuring communication capabilities to fight social exclusion and isolation (via chat, video-chat and call). Meanwhile, the client front-end will manage wellbeing data related to physical and mental activity. Although Santander municipality is working to promote activities aimed at elderly people, sometimes communication is not as effective as expected. For this reason, the development of a web app providing information about specific activities and initiatives for older people may establish a communication channel that has not been tried so far.

It also aims to strengthen the personal relationships of the elderly so that they have more social interactions and also create new groups of people aged 65+, enabling them to participate in their community more. Elderly citizens will have access to two different networks via the new app: those that they trust (family, friends, volunteers, neighbours, etc.), as well as a network showing dedicated activities and initiatives for elderly people.

Latest developments:

This pilot will be shown as an additional module within Connected Care Platform (by Worldline). Latest advances includes internal meetings with Santander City Hall and Municipal Services to define the scope and its scalability. The objective is to promote a healthy lifestyle and reduce social isolation (especially within the ageing population) by boosting public participation, through a web app. This will be evaluated by monitoring user activity through activity bracelets data in an anonymised way.

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