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Pilot 2.1 Home Activity Tele-assistance

Home Activity Tele-assistance

Pilot 2.1 ‘Home Activity & Emergencies’ aims to improve the quality of life of elderly people living alone and unfamiliar with new technologies; create a network of caregivers able to check on them, and drive quality of care using data aggregation through the digitalistion of existing tele-assistance services provided by the city government. This can be done using IoT home sensor devices, communication and connectivity, data protection and user/service authentication.

Surveys indicated that 75% of potential users are over 81 years old, and most are not accustomed to using new technologies in their daily lives. The functionalities of the telecare service should therefore not involve a person-device interaction or generate an immediate reaction on the part of the company in charge of managing the telecare service.

Latest developments:

In order to evaluate the benefits of digitalising the current analogic-based tele-assistance service which provides a customer centric solution approach, internal discussions have taken place with the current provider of Santander City Hall, regarding functionalities expected, especially those concerning the creation of alarms and alerts. Following the requirements, mockups have been already created and they will be the basis to start technical developments in order to evolve connected care with the functionalities demanded and start the pilot by April 2020.

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