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Use Case 3 · Secure and Trustworthy Environment Monitoring with Automotive, Participatory and Virtual Sensing Techniques (Fujisawa)

Local governments have the power to drive the wellbeing of society using live environmental data, optimising their environment, avoiding traffic, addressing air quality and even helping citizens to stay safe when a natural disaster hits. However, the sensors, IoT devices and cloud systems involved in collecting this data can be sensitive to attack. Also, data sources need to be traceable in order to validate authenticity. This use case tests the secure capture of data from the real world into a cloud system which is then delivered to citizens securely. Sensor data and camera images are encrypted, IoT devices and cloud systems monitored, and data disseminated to the city government and marketplace applications using Blockchain.


  • Fujisawa City (as data consumer and supplier): the local government will leverage data to better serve citizens. Data streams will be collected from all over Fujisawa city by real-time sensors on rubbish collection trucks and by thousands of City Offers acting as “human sensors”.
  • Fujisawa Recycle Coop: involved as they also operate rubbish collection trucks, and its employers act as participatory human sensors
  • Citizens: as major data consumers optimising their behaviour based on the data

GDPR/PIPA compliance:

Data exchanged in this use case does not involve personal data, therefore it presents no effects over GDPR. Interaction with citizens will be made anonymously.

Latest developments:

Stakeholders have been contacted and one meeting per group will be organised with the participation of Fujisawa City and KEIO. There is strong interest in the results of the project, such as the real-time monitoring of the city with data trustworthiness, compliance to privacy protection regulations, and insightful visualisations of the city.

How can I join?

Contact Jin Nakazawa: jin@ht.sfc.keio.ac.jp

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