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Use Case 4 · Secure and Trustworthy Hyper-connected Citizens Care (Fujisawa)

Sophisticated applications are key to making the lives of hyper-connected citizens smarter. Local governments can use them as an efficient means to predict citizen flow, reduce congestion at events, report on graffiti and urban cleaning, and improve the wellbeing of citizens generally. However, success relies on enough data being provided for governments to provide a stable service, and to ensure the security and authenticity of data to protect personal information. For example, an urban waste management app that can be used to strategise reducing amounts of household waste relies on the accurate daily aggregation of rubbish data from around the city. In this use case, “Hyper-connected citizen care applications” will thus be created for a range of different purposes and for different stakeholders.


  • Fujisawa City
  • Fujisawa Recycle Coop
  • Citizens

GDPR/PIPA compliance:

Data exchanged in this use case may contain possible personal data, e.g. waste generation per household. Since this use case will be conducted in Japan, this use case will be complying with “Personal Information Protection Act” (PIPA). Compliance is achievable through anonymisation and encryption methods.

Latest developments:

Threats to security have been identified as follows. Attacks to the data streams could result in inauthentic information; further complicated by the fact that data consumers would have no means to know whether they have been compromised or not. Further, privacy breaches could be at risk if personal information is publicly distributed. Solutions are therefore focused on clarifying whether devices are tampered with and protecting the data and privacy information itself. PIPA compliance is also under discussion and to be finalised in the later stages of the project.

How can I join?

Contact Jin Nakazawa: jin@ht.sfc.keio.ac.jp

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